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  • Nobody Built Like You, You designed yourself.

    Sometimes you need to remind yourself… I’ve finally had a chance to take a break. Y’all may not have noticed, but 2018 is the first year since I moved to Kenya that I haven’t d.

  • John Allan Namu tells the Truth

    I’ve always had a great deal of respect for John Allan Namu, I have seen him grow from being a newbie in the Kenyan News scene to perhaps our top investigative journalist. He has always struck m.

  • Know Your Friends

    As a disciple of music, most notably Reggae Music, I am well versed in the culture of the dubplates that DJ’s worldwide crave for. For those who don’t know, a dubplate is a personalised so.

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“Forever on the move, forever setting trends, forever doing that which they say cannot be done” – this might be an accurate description, or it might be something that I cut and paste from an online guru. Either way, welcome to my website. Stick around. I might be worth it.