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  • My Latest Trip Around The Sun

    “Good friends we’ve had, good friends we’ve lost, along the way. In this bright future you can’t forget your pastSo dry your tears I say” Today, more than ever, as I than.

  • Nobody Built Like You, You designed yourself.

    Sometimes you need to remind yourself… I’ve finally had a chance to take a break. Y’all may not have noticed, but 2018 is the first year since I moved to Kenya that I haven’t d.

  • John Allan Namu tells the Truth

    I’ve always had a great deal of respect for John Allan Namu, I have seen him grow from being a newbie in the Kenyan News scene to perhaps our top investigative journalist. He has always struck m.


“Forever on the move, forever setting trends, forever doing that which they say cannot be done” – this might be an accurate description, or it might be something that I cut and paste from an online guru. Either way, welcome to my website. Stick around. I might be worth it.